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What is MHH · Music in Islam

The subject of music's permissibility in Islam has drawn sizable debate from all corners of the Ummah. There are some scholars that say it is haram (forbidden) in all cases, some that say no musical instruments can be used, and some say it's halal (permissible) as long as it doesn't contain content which violates the principles of Islam (i.e. sex, drugs, violence, profanity). We take the latter viewpoint on this matter. While we are not scholars, we have consulted different scholars on the issue and have made an informed decision.

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Feedback to MHH (on the beneficial effects Islamic Music has had on their faith)

assalam aleikoum, God bless Sami (Yusuf) and all people who are promoting the message of Islam. This song really encourages me to be proud of my religion and help me to stop listening to music that destroys me.


I love the idea to include the lyrics for some of the Nasheed songs. What about lyrics for pop and hip hop. Id love to have my kids singing their words than the radio songs when we are in the car.


Asalaam-O-Alikum. I must say this from my heart that after listening to Mustafa Abdul-Basit title Remember God made me not want to listen to the other hip hop from East/West coast side. Your lyrics were so strong and straight forward that makes those rappers looks smaller. I see Muslim Hip Hop sending out a great message through songs, why not we make films as well too, I have few stories to present as well.


Wow I love your site. Very refreshing to see an alternative to listen to music without the the sins that comes along with listening to the filth that is present in the mainstream. I especially love the work by 3ilm and others who have motivated me to represent better for my deen, inshallah. May Allahswt reward all for their efforts. Salams.


salam alakyum-what a relief to find you! i was just starting to write and perform hip hop when i was led to islam- i just made my shahada- i was so conflicted about whether i would be able to continue writing and performing my i have found you, and see other muslims and especially other muslimas! making hip hop!!!! a great weight has been taken off my shoulders!


About Mustafa Abdul-Basit:

1. Yes i got that album too and my kids can't tell the difference they accually thought it was chris brown. until they listen for a min. but really think it's cool. It's the only Rap we allow in the house. we just let it play and the kids are excited. And my five yearold know some of the lyrics and i'm perfectly fine with that. Alhamdulillah, there finally some hiphop that has a message and BEAT! I mean song of those songs really KNOCK! Definitely a MUST HAVE!

2. his songs are awesome. combining the truth with twist of the music make the message can be spread fast since hip hop is what people wants nowadays

3. He is the best ! defenitley he is the best! & an Imam too that`s GREAT what a character, he says everything that we Muslims feel through his songs such as Be Myslef, Breathe, I wonder, I wanna talk to you....such meanigful songs are GREAT, non-Muslims can hear it since the words are general.

-Misc Forum Members

Salam to you all brothers and sisters...thanks for this awesome website this has motivated me to listen to more Islamic music and less of our western hip hop with so much dirty things in there.


AsSalam Alaikum, In my opinion - you are doing a great job - for people like me I feel so close listening to the Islamic music even at my work. At least it keeps my head and heart straight to the path of our Creator-not forgetting who I am especially in the western mix up here. Islam was supposed to be against the superstitious beliefs - there is always an inner and outer meaning to everything so let them grow up and think broadly what did our Rasul said! Thanks for the site.

-Sister in Islam.

I always used to listen to Hip hop and R&B: Beyonce, etc. But when I hears Native Deen I quit and listen to them 24/7


When making music, I'm well aware of the importance of representing myself as a Muslim, and a father. I have children of my own and children in the communities that I mentor who look up to me for guidance. I'm glad that muslimhiphop is setting a standard to help reshape the way the next generation of Muslim children and children in general create and enjoy music. Shukran.

-Muslim Artist

Mashallah this is a great web site. I hope the Muslim youth starts to get familiar with this site rather then other dirty rap songs and indecent songs, which they’re addicted to. Peace.


MashAllah. Good job, a way to bring people into the folds of Islam...No matter what people say or do, If Khwaja Gharib Nawaz of Ajmer Sharif(RA) in India can convert 9 million people to Islam through the help of traditional Sama (Qawalli) why not through Hip hop...Keep up the good work!


I really appreciate what are you doing for Islam. These songs really make us happy.


You are doing a great job. Your videos, music theme, everything is great. My non-Muslim friends even love you so much. Keep it up.


I really like your songs. I never became a better muslim until I listened to your songs. as they made me wake up and realise that this world is nothing but a test. thank you so much for your wonderful songs.


I just wanted to let MHH know that I'm feelin the music; walAllah I'm listening to this positivity more often (maybe it's age and maturity) than the negative hiphop I grew up with. I wish I grew up with this kind of music-->would have kept my mind on the Siratul Mustakeem!

I pray you all keep this positivity up and spread the truth in your lyrics to the young kids out there looking for guidance and better role models. I also pray that you all achieve the best of guidance toward Taqwa, the Siratul Mustakeem and the eventual beautiful face of Allah (SWT) in sha'Allah. Al salamu aliakum.


I loved all your songs...they’re so deep and inspirational Mashallah! Keep up the good work with good intentions.

Al Hamdullilah, May ALLAH reward you for your beautiful effort. This is exactly what the world needs, halal entertainment. Remembrance of ALLAH in everything we do. Salaam wa lakum.


I was just wondering if I can get the lyrics to Queens of Islam.
I love that song and, surprisingly, it has kind of motivated me to cover up.

Wow I really like that song Queens of Islam by MPAC. It really inspired me in lots of ways. I've been having problems about my Hijab. It seems very difficult to wear it in this society, but listening to this song put a smile on my face and also put hope in my heart. Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work. Salaam! May Allah bless your efforts!

This site is great Mashallah. It will encourage children to keep their Deen.


This rap will connect to the young Muslim community, as it did to me. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for this brilliant website. I used to love listening to other kinds of music, but as a Muslim myself I find it was a hard thing to give up completely, so Alhamdulillah I came across your site and now I listen to these Islamic-based songs. Jazakallah.


Wow, my husband just showed me this website and I find it so cool that there is Muslim Hip Hop community. I just recently converted four months ago and threw away all my hip hop CD's that don't benefit my Deen... Mashallah, I'm glad there is Halal hip-hop, since I've had a taste for hip hop for years! I listened to Sister Eloquence...and she’s got flavor...I love it...


We are two girls from the island of Cyprus, ex-orthodox Christians, which recently realized, through studying the Holy Qur’an, other books and the guidance of our Muslim husbands, the darkness we’ve been in for so many years of our lives and Alhamdulillah recently accepted Islam. We saw the light and have been born again. Congratulations! Your music accompanies our difficult journey to reach our target of learning everything about our religion, Inshallah. Thanks.

-Anna & Yasmin

Alhamdulillah! I love it, I'm 35 years old with a 12yr old daughter and this site is my alternative from the Kufr. Thank you for putting out something that I feel safe to let her listen to. May Allah Bless your efforts and grant you every thing your heart desires.


I have always been a fan of Christian music but since I have searched your website I have devoted my self to Muslim music as it represents my religion and culture. Thank you for showing your music to the world.


I love your Nasheeds so much. By listening to your Nasheeds, I have changed so much from being a bad Muslim and upsetting Allah almighty our creator to being Islamic and being more closer to Allah Ta’ala . May Allah Ta’ala bless u all in Jannah.


Love the music, finally something I can be proud to listen to. Now I gotta buy everything on here for my collection! Alhamdu lillah wa Allahu akbar!


I love Islamic songs...they heal my heart.


I am really into your music. I used to listen to Rihanna, Shakira and all the rest of the "non-Muslim" artists. After I discovered your site my life has changed. Now when ever I am doing anything or am outside I’m always on to your site or listening to the music. May Allah reward you all for changing my life and leading me to the right path.


I am 11. I love your website. I love it more then listening to Beyonce or Jay Z or any thing else. Who ever has made up the idea for this site is ever so smart. Now I can listen to hip hop and learn something from it. Thank you.


Praise be to ALLAH, this is wonderful. I am an African American male and it is truly a blessing to have this for our young Muslim children to listen too. May ALLAH reward you for this, as it is a great dawah tool. ALLAHU AKBAR


Sister thanks so much for the Muslim hip-hop song. That makes us understand our Islam. May God bless you


Sister Haero 'n many others have inspired me to become aware of who i am and i thank them and wish for them good for this world and the next


I was glad to see you on line.... As someone who was not raised in Islam, but converted when I was 17, it was comforting to see that it is possible for my son (13) to enjoy hip hop the way I did (minus the name belts, leather hats, and graffiti jackets:). People have their own opinion on the halal/haram aspect of it all....that's their business. You're okay with me. Thank you for your work and I look forward to visiting your site again.

About Sister Haero:

“I am inspired to now begin the voyage in this direction...supporting my God-given talent and expressing it...Halal! I, too, wear Hijab and want to open the doors for my two Muslimahs (one 10 and one 11) and I just want to sing! Inshaallah!

May Allah (swt) grant this sister (and all sisters and brothers that are doing their thing) ease in this life and blessings on the day of Judgment!

Jazakal Al Kahyr...As Salaam Ailakum!
-Sister Ameena

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