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What is MHH · Criteria

Official Criteria for Artists

1. Lyrical Conduct Being Muslim doesn't automatically qualify you; messages conveyed must not employ the use of profanity or senseless violence nor promote sects/division.

2. Professionalism: Professional-quality recordings, not dinky-sounding beats.

3. Talent: We are showcasing mainstream-quality artists, not OK artists.

4. Public Conduct: Muslim artists promoted by must behave in agreement with Islamic principles. Any un-Islamic behavior online or at performances is unacceptable and will result in immediate removal from this website.

Further Explanation...

The Official Criteria for Artists was developed to address a growing trend of problems in the Muslim community. Certain Muslim artists had begun violating the basic principles of Islam. Lyrics riddled with profanity, gratuitous violence, racism and other behavior began to surface while many Muslims began to shun Islamic music all together.

With this in mind, took a stand and created a code of conduct for Muslim artists. It is not meant to discriminate against those who don't practice the code; rather, it's to encourage them to raise the bar and engage in Islamic music in a way that respects the traditions and values of Islam.

It's important to note that if MHH added every artist that simply had an Islamic message, then there would be no incentive for them to improve themselves and really make a name for Muslim music. It is our intention when people come this site, they should be given the impression that Muslims can make the same caliber music as any non-Muslim artist while having a message of righteousness and truth.

NOTE: This code of conduct is NOT set in stone. MHH is always open to your thoughts and feedback regarding the code as well as any modifications to it.

We are not trying to be the "authority" or dictate how Muslim hip hop should be; we are simply endorsing the idea that Muslim hip hop should be done carefully, as we do not want to violate the very religion we sing and rap about.

If you feel that you or someone you know meets this criteria and are not already on our official database, please let us know.


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