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Stories · 19. Blind Alphabetz Interview

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: Why do you go by the name BLIND ALPHABETZ?

BLIND ALPHABETZ:Mohammed Yahya: the name Blind Alphabetz was a name that Iron Braydz came up with, initially we were going to name the band Unorthostract but after some thought we decided to go for Blind Alphabetz. Alphabetz- because we use letters from the alphabet to create words in order for us to communicateBlind- because the topics we discuss are blind to the average mind.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: Where exactly are you from? Where did you grow up?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Mohammed Yahya: I was born in South East Africa in a country called Mozambique, I lived there for 1yr than had to move to Portugal due to civil war. I lived in Portugal until the age of 10 and then moved to LondonIron Braydz: My beautiful mother gave birth to me in Nigeria and I then came to the place of the Cold Sun (England) when I was 7 years old.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: What are your main musical influences?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Mohammed Yahya: As I was growing up I listened to a vast genre of music from African to pop, I remember my father also playing a lot of Brazilian music such as Roberta Miranda and Maria Bethania.When I reached my early teens I really started appreciating hip hop and was greatly influenced by artists such as, De La Soul, Tribe called quest, Wu Tang Clan, Big Punisher. Iron Braydz: When I was young my two older sisters were gospel singers and I was their biggest fan occasionally coming on stage to sing my sisters hit song "1 big Family", I was also really influenced by Michael Jackson, Billy Ocean, Lionel Richey and even Earth, Wind and Fire, but as I was getting older I started getting into Wu-Tang Clan...Period.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: What inspired you to do Muslim/Islamic music?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Mohammed Yahya: my beliefs, my worship, my experiences and the little knowledge that my merciful creator has allowed me to acquire in my lifetime.Iron Braydz: The fact that the most Merciful has given me a gift to speak to people of all walks of life I would hate to disappoint him, plus I don't know what to say if he was to ask me what I did with that gift.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: What are some of the key issues you are tackling in your songs?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Mohammed Yahya: we try to tackle the problems that mankind face on daily basis such as oppression by corrupt leaders, weak governing structures, poverty in so called third world countries, the rising of crime rate, the effects of a poor education system, the back lash of broken family trees, but at the same time I like to share what I think are the solutions to all this problems.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: Why is this album different than your previous ones?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Iron Braydz: There was a lot of anger in our previous releases and there were actually loads of problems being shared with no core SOLUTION. Now I am a Father I saw it as my Duty to find these SOLUTIONS during the course of making this album and applied it to what we and our GMA family were creating.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: Do you feel that you are making a difference with your music?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Iron Braydz: Up until last week (29th September) I didn't realise the impact we had until I received a message from a lady and her 9 year old son thanking me for what I was doing and the lady went on to explain, after her son had seen the footage of my performance he actually picked up a dictionary and searched for the meaning of some of the words I was using in my piece. Ultimately he then said to his mother he wants to be a rapper and be the best at school so he can fulfil that dream.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: What can we expect from you in the future?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Mohammed Yahya- whatever Allah allows us to do Im working hard alongside 3 other people to establish a monthly hip hop, soul and spoken word event called rebel muzik which was launched July , Braydz is currently producing for a lot of artist and our manager is organising a Blind Alphabetz European tour, and a series DVD documentaries.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: Without giving away any secrets, how do you produce your songs? What software do you use?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Iron Braydz: The music software I use is called Reason to produce my songs.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: How would you say you are different from the other 100 or so Muslim hip hop artists?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Iron Braydz: No body is different or original and no one is better than the other. it's all a matter of how we do what we do from what we know plus what we've experienced and what the people prefer according to how we the artist's relate to them.I pray that answers the question and I do apologies if I offended anyone with that opinion.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: The Muslim community has been ailing for quite some time now (external oppression, internal division)what do you think can combat this?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Mohammed Yahya: I believe the Sunnah is what can combat this; we have to turn back to the original footsteps of our holy prophet (pbuh). In the Quran Allah speaks about not changing a persons condition until they change whats within themselves,I believe that Muslims need to do a lot of internal purification in order to attain complete taqwa. At the same time I truly overstand the destructive effect of Muslims living in countries where they are ruled by other than Allahs laws, where Allahs sovereignty has diminished and only has a place inside the four walls of an empty prayer room in a local mosque.

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: How has Islam influenced your life?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Mohammed Yahya: Every single second of my life I breathe, live, taste, see, speak and experience Islam.I feel and truly believe that I wasnt created for any reason other than to worship Allah, so Im constantly analysing my actions and searching for ways to perfect them by following the humble footsteps of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh).I try turning each action into a form of Ibadah

MUSLIMHIPHOP.COM: What would you like to say to your fans?

BLIND ALPHABETZ: Iron Braydz: No matter what name you use for to refer to him (ALLAH, GOD, JAH, JEHOVAH, or KRISHNA) there is none worthy of WORSHIP but his HOLYNESS ALONE. Please take the time to connect with him and seek the solutions to all your worries and I guarantee he will help you.May his peace and blessing be bestowed upon you ALL. AMEEN!


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