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Nasheed · Zain Bhikha

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Zain was born in 1974 in Pretoria, South Africa where he started singing from a young age, though entertaining family and friends was as far as he went. In 1994, Zain entered a singing competition on a local radio station. From thousands of entries, he won the competition. This success led to his first album, 'A Way of Life' (1994)

It soon became a rousing success amongst the South African Muslim community. Thus came 'Praise to the Prophet (saw)' (1996), followed at yearly intervals by 'Fortunate is he' (1997) and 'The Journey' (1998).

All proved extremely popular and began to filter abroad. And so it was that Yusuf came across one of Zain's albums and invited him to London to work with him. The result was 'A is for Allah' (2000), a double album, primarily spoken word, which featured Zain singing 7 of the 8 songs. Later that year, two compilation albums 'Children of Heaven' and 'Towards the Light' (both 2000), featuring re-mixed songs, were released by Jamal Records.

It was while promoting these compilations in Turkey that he was introduced to and recorded with Hasan Kiliatan. In 2001 he released 'Faith' with a guest appearance from his friend Dawud Wharnsby-Ali. Zain is married with 2 children.

Zain has travelled extensively in 2002-03 singing his songs to audiences around the World.



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