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Hip-Hop · Sonz of the Crescent

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The Sonz of the Crescent was one of the first Muslim Hip Hop groups to emerge out of a generation of young Muslims growing up in America. The founding members included Joshua Salam who later formed Native Deen, Yaseen Al-Khattab, and Faisal Khatri. The group has reformed with one original member Yaseen, and one new member, Muaath to add another explosive component of prolific constructive energy, enhancing the sound and substance of the original group.

Yaseen Al-Khattab is a 10 year veteran to the Hip Hop/Rap genre. His style has adapted to the consistent evolution of rap and pop cultural. Yaseen has produced a variety of Albums which include: Sonz of the Crescent: Whats the Word? (co-produced), MYNA RAPS 1 & 2 (co-produced), Seen and Kareem, E (Unit-E), Kayo, Sonz of the Cresent 2, and SOCs upcoming album "New Beginnings".

Muaath Al-Khattab is Yaseens younger brother who observed Sonz of the Crescent develop from its early stages. He absorbed the positive environment and moral thought provoking lyrics Yaseen, Joshua, and Faisal zealously projected to Muslim and Non-Muslim listeners alike. Now married with a daughter, Muaath Al-Khattab joins the Hip Hop ranks of his older brother in the quest to use rap as a tool to give dawah to Non-Muslims and also to remind and uplift the Muslim Ummah. Muaaths style is rugged and concentrates on exposing fallacious rappers who use misleading content.



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