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Hip-Hop · Reason Rule

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Reason Rule was born when long time solo artist Seyfullah MC asked his wife, poet, and singer to collaborate on a track. Shaadiyah was excited and grateful to work with her husband and the duo began brainstorming over a beat provided by Simple from the UK. So pleased with the collaborative effort, Seyfullah MC scrapped his solo career. Shaadiyah's voice and presence provided something that he found inspirational. Her incredibly nourishing song was the perfect match for the slit to the throat lyrics splattered over hip hop beats.

'Reason Rule' is a medical term meaning the reason or purpose for doing something. The intention of Reason Rule is to glorify The Just and Merciful Allah swt by spreading the message of His awareness to their listeners.



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PlayHold On (Just too much)   3:3188 kbps44.1 kHz2.32 Mb
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PlayReason Rule   3:19128 kbps44.1 kHz3.19 Mb
PlayWhere water grows   4:1988 kbps44.1 kHz2.86 Mb
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