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Nasiric can be described as one word, Tested. Through out his life he has been through things most people couldnt imagine going through. Watching his blind mother survive alcohol and drugs. Escaping a violent racist father. Nasiric grab onto the only things that allowed him to escape, His only avenue to God and holding on to music. His mother raised him in the church, but his close friends raised him in the streets. This is where he picked up the pad, pen, and a microphone. After seeing his close friend got locked up for Accessory to Murder, he turned away from his gang involvement, and focused more on his music and church. After high school, Nasiric joined the US Army, and served at the end of the Bosnian Conflict. After the Army, Nasiric became a Radio DJ for 12 years and put down the pad and pen. However during the summer of 2000, he parted ways with the Church due to corruption from his Pastor, but also he felt there was something more.

Sept 10th, 2000, a year and a day before 9-11, Nasiric took his Shahada at one of the Austin Area Mosque. He said After soul searching, studying about Islam, and hearing the Adhan for the first time, my heart was calling for more. However after 12 years in radio, Nasiric stepped down from the airwaves, and made a heart felt choice to do everything for the honor of Allah. When he made this choice, he was already 9 songs into making a cd. Nasiric scrapped all his songs and said If its not for the purpose of dawah, its not worth doing. His given name was Nasir, but friend would call him Nasiric because when he enforced Islamic Rules amongst his friends, he would say, Under Nasiric Law, that is not allowed. In a joking manner. Hence forth the name Nasiric stuck. His musical influences are Outkast, Common, and Bun-B. But likes the sounds of fellow Islamic Hip-Hop Artist Five Eighty, Amir Sulaiman, & Saul Abraham. His friendship with Preacher Moss from the Allah Made Me Funny Tour has inspired him to reach beyond his limits. He produces his own beats and is a writer. He is also producing his best friend Ahmad which found his way to Islam while in lock-up. Nasiric believes that if it is not to give our youth an alternative to the garbage that is on the radio today, if it doesnt uplift the purpose of Islam, and if its for the dollars, its not worth the time we are given on the Earth.



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