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Hip-Hop · Miss Undastood

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Miss Undastood started writing at the age of 11. School life was very strict and so rap was a form of escapism. She started rhyming ciphers in the streets of New York, and began to battle in college. She became the first Female Battle Champion in 2003. She started off doing regular secular raps but while she was in college at the age of 18 she decided to do Islamic lyrics.Back in the day Miss Undastood used to rap with Papoose on the streets of Brooklyn creating a buzz. She has battled Ali Vegas on the underground. She worked for the street team for Rockafella Records and has performed in clubs all over the United States. She has collaborated with many underground artists.From the age of 18 onwards Miss Undastood got writers block. Everything that came to her was Islamic. People didnt understand me. She says, hence her name Miss Undastood. In the beginning there was support from both Muslims and non-Muslims. Miss Undastood has support from many influential Islamic Imans from New York to California. Her Inspiration in Islam is Abdul Malik. She likes and respects his straightforward lectures.

Her first CD was recorded in 2002. It received critical acclaim. People were feeling the CD. The non-Muslim press were also very interested in her work. She did a TV programme called Cover Girl - Young Womens Lives After 9/11. She has been interviewed by BBC radio1Xtra and the youth news programme BBC Newsround. In the United Kingdom Miss Undastood has an ever increasing fanbase. She performed at shows in London and Manchester with Mecca2Medina, The Planets, Sheikhspeare, The Blind Alphabets and The Pearls of Islam in 2004 and 2005.

She signed to an Independent label Dawa Media in 2004.



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