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Khalil was born in the Nations Capital and raised in Baltimore, MD as a child of two early converts to Islam. Growing up with the principles and moral standards of Islam helped shape Khalils focused attention to social and spiritual issues within his music. Every part of his music is directly or indirectly influenced by his firm belief in God and His principles.

Khalil released his debut album The Truth in April of 2007. In late 2008 Khalil took the opportunity to perform at various venues around the country and overseas. He is set now to release a new album in 2009 that will show his true growth as an artist " The Calm Before the Storm".

When Khalil is not working on his music, he is working for the community or building his business. He does nonprofit consultant work for a womens homeless shelter. He is also a mixing engineer and producer. His aspirations are to create a new kind of record label specifcally servicing independent artists who have a message. He also moonlights as a video editor and eventually plans to produce documentary and film that much like his music, invoke thought and insight into truth.



2007 - The Truth2009 - The Calm Before the Storm is officially for sale. Send all offers to