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"Trapped in a time where the educational system should be at an all-time high though the children are left ignorant and corruptly educated, thatís where I am. Stuck in a period when children should be either inside doing homework or outside playing all the time, thatís where I am. Lost in an era where literature is tossed aside and the illiterate rise, thatís where I am. A ray of sunlight among the rain, a book among games, a hero among forgetful souls, thatís who I am."

Jawaad Ahmad Khan (JaKaTTaK) said the quote above. He speaks that we live in a time where children are not smart and are not taught the things thatíll get them anywhere in the real world. He speaks of a time when one of the greatest minds had to study for probably six years at college. However, he claims that he is different among the rest. He is a poet. He is a rapper. He is a Muslim. Born in South Florida, with a culture from the country of Guyana, JaKaTTaK has had a love of writing poetry/rap since the age of six. Over the years heís developed his skills and his voice. Now, Jawaad, 12, writes short stories, poems and raps. Today, he not only can rap, but he can sing, do spoken word poetry, and not only limits his writing skills to rap as well. Jawaad writes artistic poetry, short stories and tries to challenge himself by writing quotes. Currently, he is in the process of writing, developing and recording.



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