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Hip-Hop · J-Seriyus

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Find the most talented swordsman and hand him a double-edged sword and watch everything he has learned about his swordsmanship fall to the ground in a hundred little pieces. It is very rare to see an emcee/producer who can turn their multi-talent into a cohesive project and make it seem so natural. J Serious is the true definition of the do-it-all emcee. Providing topnotch production for himself and others, J Serious has reached a level of respectability and achievement in the Hip Hop community. From his first album, Change is Inevitable to his latest release "Republic in Disarray" (released under Pantha Productions) J has been delivering nothing but raw truth and idealistic reality to his listeners. His work displays his versatility as an artist. He can go from lyrically smashing your game on one track, then move on and tell you how the demoralization of society leads to depression, helplessness, and death on another; and all of this he can perform over music he himself has produced.



PlayClap and Move   4:35128 kbps44.1 kHz4.41 Mb
PlayPain   3:53128 kbps44.1 kHz3.74 Mb
PlayThe Right Way   4:23128 kbps44.1 kHz4.21 Mb
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