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Hip-Hop · Halal Productionz

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Halal Productionz was formulated by B-MUSLIM (producer) and E.MADD G.HAAD the last pioneer (lyricist, co-producer). After years playing around and criticizing each other, they finally found a harmony between the beats and the rhymes, and came up with as unique halal style which finds its roots in hardcore rap. B-Muslim is the Jerzey kid who constructs inter-dimensional beats, and E.MADD G.HAAD is the west Philly projects survivor who comes with the raw battle style knowledge and abstract stories.

Their main goal is the spread of da3wah and teaching the correct religious Information, as well as providing a halal alternative for Muslims and anyone else who likes funky original sounds.

They both have completed solo projects, E.MADD G.HAAD produced a demo cd titled G.HAAD, and B.MUSLIM produced a mixed cd called B.MUSLIM vol.1

Be on the look out for their first long awaited LP "From New Jerusalem to Philarabia" a masterpiece hardcore, and knowledge, and ill beats.



PlayHe Exist   3:45256 kbps44.1 kHz7.22 Mb
PlayKung Fu Fighting 2   3:19256 kbps44.1 kHz6.39 Mb
PlayMuslim Music   3:17192 kbps44.1 kHz4.75 Mb
PlayThe Creator is not Created   3:5964 kbps22.1 kHz1.92 Mb
PlayThe Prophets Remix   3:14160 kbps44.1 kHz3.89 Mb
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