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He's known for quite a few reasons - his size, his intellect, his courage and his ability to articulate his own truths. He is recognized by Hip-Hop legends Wyclef Jean, Nas, and Doug E Fresh. Many listeners affectionately regard him as Good Brother Musa or Pious Poet, but he was born Musa Shakir Shabazz as a product of New York's Lower East Side in the Baruch Projects. Blessed with a swift tongue and incredibly soulful vocals, he is more than capable to share a distinct message with listeners. Lyricism runs in the family, as Musa is the biological cousin of Wonder Mike from the celebrated group and pioneers of Hip-Hop, Sugar Hill Gang.As an accomplished performing artist, Good Brother has competed, partaken in various talent shows, was featured on radio programming and within several media platforms, but most recently he's made noise in viral media. He describes his own style as a "spoken soul" genre, lending to another creative market somewhere between Spoken Word and Hip-Hop inspired Acapella.

Musa began as a political poet, fusing words with vocals in a smooth harmony in solo performances. Later, his style evolved into a machine-gun like flow with an arsenal of songs. It didn't take long for Musa to shatter the mold of everyday artists in a spectrum of genres because his delivery is unique and exceptionally diverse. He soon transitioned to include Islam in his lyrics, considering this to be da'wah (inviting others to Islam).

"I was born into Islam. I would always refer even with my prior music to Allah (God) as well the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). That's what defined me. Neighborhood MCs and fellow label mates used to call me "Good Brother" (laughing to himself). They used to ask me, "Why do you always throw religion in your music? That's not going to appeal to everyone." I would always reply defending Islam. My inspiration to spread Islam and defend Islam with poetry was a poet by the name of Hassan Ibn Thabit who was given the name the prophet's poet because he used to defend the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islam with his poetry. I adopted the name the Pious Poet to take this position today, in a time where we all need to be reminded to hold firm to our deen and as a reminder to myself before anyone else," says Musa when asked about his inspiration.

Standing 6 ft 7 inches at 265 lbs, this towering artist possesses more than merely height and weight, he has dimension and purpose. His work extends beyond the artistic realm into socially relevant outreach. Musa currently facilitates as a motivational speaker for incarcerated and at-risk youth. He has ignited the creative fire in dozens of adolescents throughout the New York City's educational system and correctional facilities, helping them to think critically, use effective decision making in life's adversities and more importantly, he teaches them the brain should be exercised like any other muscle in the body. His company, G.I.A.N.T Thinking, is an acronym for Growing Is A Noble Thing. This is the message he conveys to youth, which not only stimulates them mentally but physically as well.

Pious Poet's latest work is titled Passion Project, which he characterizes as a journey reminiscent of days past, much like the life of his own. Its sentiments will appeal to a wide audience, using the sheer volume of words and language without music in the background. Holding to traditional beliefs, Musa intends to defy expectations that a beat is needed to communicate a message.



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