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Hip-Hop · ElevenFiftyNine

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Here In a time when the music industrys blatant sub-par mentality is only surpassed by the common mans sub-par standard of living, a change is needed. One of the catalysts of that change is now here to show that there can be a delicate balance between revolutionary thoughts, aggressive actions, & a soul that knows peace and love for all people 11:59 is here. Ishaq, BelikeMUHAMMAD, & Tyson make up this group of men that are here to pass on the blessings of the teacher by setting an example that both young and old can follow.Tyson amir-mustafa, Ishaq Abdul-Noor, & BelikeMUHAMMAD bring a well grounded outlook on life that allows them to observe the world in a way that few people, muslim or non-muslim, are capable of appreciating. Their Deen is tantamount to life and they display this through their gifts for music. The Fervor with which they attack all subject matter is something that will be talked about for years to come. If you are tired of the worldy musick that is being fed to our youth, set your clock to 11:59. Times Up!!! Salaams



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