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We're just people like you, fed up of being branded criminals for our belief. Tired of the barrage of insults toward our Deen, beloved Prophet, sisters and brothers. Sickened by the ongoing slaughter of those who carry the banner of La illaha illallah. But admittedly there is a difference here. We do not believe in compromise or violence. We believe that the way out is to concentrate our efforts in re-establishing a home for Islam. A place where Islam comes before race, before colour, before nationality and before language. We believe that our parents left their countries of origin (Africa, Middleast, Indian Sub-Continent etc) to make a better life, meaning that back home where Islam was supposed to bring solutions, it had been traded for injustice, corruption and greed. It is on us, the youth of Islam to carry the call for Islam to be re-instated in all its glory so we can take them home again. So that we can make Allah's Deen the highest, so we can protect our children from the humiliation and slaughter we face today. We don't do bling because showing off is not in the personality of the Muslim.

We don't post our pictures here because we don't see the need. We don't do bling because showing off is not in the personality of the Muslim. We don't post our pictures here because we don't see the need. Blakstone is about the message the lyrical content, the skills, the mission, the goal. We welcome the support of our sisters and we recognise the frustration you feel when your rights from Islam are not given to you by those who claim to carry it, we also applaud your rejection of the so called "liberation" that your are offered by those who detest your way of life. Hip Hop is not Dawah, but when it is used as a rally cry it touches the youth, our youth, from places the Imams can't reach or fear to tread. Our message is spreading far and wide and in the alleyways of munkar we have seen the yearning faces of our brothers who have found that their love for this Deen can be expressed in new and exiting ways. We have seen many turn away from the habits of jahaliyah and embrace Islam, not because their parents are Muslim, but because they themselves believe. Blakstone is not a person or a group, it's a struggle. The irony is that we want this struggle to end, so those who join us do so, in the hope that they won't have to.



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