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Hip-Hop · Baby Muslims
First of all ‘babymuslims’ would like say Asalaamu Aleikum to all our brothers and sisters in Islam and may Allah continue to guide and bless you and your families Inshallah! We are truly thankful for the support we have received & honoured to be a part of this ever growing musical family.

The truth is, it is really not about us, it is all about Allah. The music is just a way to invite people in to Islam and hopefully encourage the ummah to stay true to the din by the will of Allah, with that said we offer the following:

The members of ‘babymuslims’ are: Idris Ali & Troy Kamal Miller, an unsigned hip-hop group from North West London. We use the name 'babymuslims' as we are still relatively new to the din (way of life), and we have found that in Islam, like a child, you never stop learning so our biggest test is trying to remain humble by keeping our egos in check as much as we can. We have been involved in making hip-hop for over 10 years, most of which were in the days of jahiliyyah when we went through many misguided "alter egos" within a very misguided industry which caused us to loose faith in hip-hop entirely and hang-up our microphones (so to speak). Then, after a clean break from music we found Allah alhumdulilah and focused on our faith before deciding to express this new way of life through the talents that Allah has given us.

Our hope is to meet and expand our network of muslim artist for feedback, inspiration and support as we will do the same for you inshallah, and we thank you in advance mashallah!



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